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200,000 Year-Old Anunnaki City Was Found In Africa

Recently, an ancient city of Anunnaki was discovered in South Africa. It was located about 150km from the port of Maputo.

The researchers concluded that this metropolis was part of a much larger community, and it was built somewhere between 160,000 and 200,000 BC.

The two researchers who made this sensational discovery are Michael Tellinger and Johan Heine.
Viewed from the air, this ancient city makes us think that it would be extremely unlikely that 160,000 years ago people would be able to build something so complex.
After all the artifacts and ruins were invented, it was concluded that this city was built by an unknown civilization. People were not able to build something like that at the time.
The city is considered one of the oldest settlements on our planet and is the most likely work of art of the Anunnaki civilization that lived on this planet about 200,000 years ago.
These beings could be our ancestors, or why not, even our creators.
Watch the following video and see for yourself:

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