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Do you believe in aliens and want to search for them? Here is the CIA’s evidence in the investigation of “flying objects”


Do you believe in the existence of life on another planet? Do you think that there is a civilization of green or gray creatures in another corner of the galaxy? Have you seen a mysterious flying object flying in the sky and want to investigate? Here’s a summary of what the CIA and USAF have learned after more than 20 years of investigations into UFOs, since the late 1940s.

While most government officials and scientists refuse to believe UFO sightings reports, there is still much to learn about the history and methodology of UFO intelligence. Here are ten tips that the CIA published on its official website.

Establish a team to evaluate and investigate UFO sighting reports

The Head of Technical Services in the US Air Force Command, General Nathan Twining, created the “SIGN” project in 1948 to collect, classify, evaluate, and distribute all information related to these reports, on the assumption that the UFO might be real (though not necessarily from outer space) National security matters.

Determine your achievement goals

The CIA’s concern about UFOs remained high until the 1950s due to the potential threat to national security from these UFOs. But most officials did not believe that these objects originated in outer space, as they were concerned that these objects might be new Soviet weapons.

Consult with experts

During the 1950s and 1960s, the United States government chaired various projects, seminars and other studies to research the phenomenon of “UFO”.

Create a reporting system for incoming cases

The United States Air Force Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) has established questionnaires to use in the event of potential reports of UFO sightings. These forms were used to provide the investigators with sufficient information on the duration of sight of the object, date, time, place or location in the sky, weather conditions, and how it appeared or disappeared.

Eliminate false reports

Eliminate all known and possible causes of UFO sighting reports, and leave the remaining small part of the “unexplained” cases and focus on them. By excluding cases whose interpretation may be simple, investigators can focus on virtually ambiguous cases.

Development of the method for identifying flying objects

Because of the high probability that some people believe they have seen a “UFO” when the flying object is most often just a regular aircraft or secret military aircraft, it is important to know the characteristics of the different types of aircraft and atmospheric phenomena to assess the report of sighting an unidentified flying object.

Examine what the witness documented

Any images, video, or audio recordings can be very helpful in assessing the AIV report.

Do experiments planned

These experiments can recreate the unknown, but the prohibitive costs of conducting such experiments may make their implementation inapplicable.

Collecting and testing physical and forensic evidence

The scientists carried out all the scientific examinations and tests that occurred to them on all the available evidence, from using Geiger counters for radiation to examine soil samples in the area of ​​the alleged landing of the body to chemical composition tests in search of residual Flying Body fuel.

Discourage false reporting

If you have a lot of false or unwanted reports, it can be difficult to find a few that are worth investigating or attention.

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