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Nearly 164 UFO Sightings Reported in Idaho in 2020!



Idaho ranked as the number one state for UFO sightings in 2020, tallying up an impressive or perhaps troubling 164 reports of strange objects seen in the sky.

Some of these sightings can be easily explained, for instance people around the world have been baffled by space axis StarLink Satellites, which seem like an otherworldly string of white lights passing through the sky, at least one person reported seeing one in Idaho last year, and it’s likely that people around the globe will begin to see them more often, as nearly 900 have been launched so far as part of SpaceX’s vision to provide internet to the entire world.

Other accounts of UFO sightings are less explainable, with concerned citizens phoning into the national UFO reporting center with reports of black disks and other unidentified aircraft flying overhead.

Science journalist Sarah Scholes told the post register that a lot of weird stuff goes on in the sky, and that it probably isn’t alien spaceships, but what is it then oddly?
As schools pointed out the widespread interest in UFOs is not limited to conspiracy theorists, the U.S government and reputable researchers are surprisingly invested in learning more about these sightings and she thinks she knows why stating, the thing that people tend to have in common who get obsessed with this topic is just that it’s a persistent mystery that needs a solution. The U.S government is also very interested in knowing who is flying objects over the U.S sky, if it isn’t them it is definitely someone else!.

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