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This Is How Flat Earthers Explain The Total Solar Eclipse, And It's Hilarious

 A total eclipse occurs when the moon is at a detailed enough point to the planet and simultaneously crosses the trail of the sun, causing it to cast a shadow over large parts of Earth’s surface, with the US getting the simplest view now around. All perfectly reasonable if you suspect that the planet, moon, and sun are round.

However, some conspiracy theorists believe that the planet is flat and is a component of an enormous international governmental cover. If the planet is flat, then it'd not orbit the sun and therefore the moon wouldn't orbit our planet, both would just appear in our skies, essentially orbiting us. So how do ‘Flat Earthers’, as they're known, explain the approaching solar eclipse?

The conspiracy theorists have taken to Reddit to detail how they believe the phenomenon occurs. Some believe the sun and also the moon is simply holograms projected within the sky, to convince the masses that we are a part of the universe in which we are led to believe we are. Sometimes, these holograms need updates, flat earthers say.

A person by the username Hoeskioeh wrote on Reddit:

“Maintenance downtime of the sun/moon hologram, new firmware upgrade.”

Another explanation is that the moon is truly much larger than the sun – in point of fact the sun’s diameter is 400 times larger than the moon’s – and it crosses ahead of it to show the day black.

Reddit user Anschauung wrote: 

“The sun is extremely small and far closer to Earth than ‘rounds claim it to be.  It's only some hundred meters wide and about five miles above our disc. The moon is far, much larger, and a little closer. When the large moon passes just beneath the small sun it completely obscures its light.”

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